About Us

Our agency is named after the founder, Art Mykkanen.  In 1987, Art responded to a growing need of providing homes and services for people with disabilities.  The first home was opened in Buffalo, MN - followed by 9 homes thereafter.  When Art died in a car accident in 1997, his wife MaryLou continued to be involved with Mykkanen Services and currently serves as the agency's Board Member and Vice President.  MaryLou has since remarried to her husband, Mark, who also serves as an agency Board Member and President.  For over 30 years Mykkanen Services has provided services in three counties to adults with developmental and other disabilities.  Mykkanen works along side the person's county case manager, family/legal representative, and vocational program  and focuses on meeting each individual's needs, respectfully assisting each person to acquire life skills and achieve success towards personal interests and dreams.   

Comments from Case Managers..

“(Individual) has flourished at his home to no small measure by the efforts of all staff.”

“(Individual) seems very comfortable in his home and said he likes staff.”

“During difficult situations, all staff go above and beyond duty!”

"Mykkanen staff are great to work with; always keeps me informed, maintains a positive attitude and seem to be very dedicated to the individuals they work with."


"(Home) staff are doing a good job with (individual)'s program and medical needs."

Comments from Family and Legal Guardians..

“Staff are very good at what they do.”

“You all are awesome!!!”


“Thank you for all your help with my son.”

“Staff are great with handling the problems as they arise. Trip planning for clients is also to be commended.”

“I feel you are doing a great job helping (individual).”

“My daughter is really happy at Mykkanens. So that makes me happy!”

“Friendly staff; I feel they are doing well with all things that come up.”

“Thank you to all your staff for a wonderful job with (individual)!! I always feel confident that her needs are being met."

“Impressed with staff.”

“You take good care of my brother.”

"We are very pleased with all staff!"

"Thank you for the great care!"

"We feel the staff are doing a good job, they seem conscientious, care and appropriate."

"Good job!"

"We are very pleased with the care for our son. We appreciate that they take our son to church! Staff have been so good to deal with our son's challenges and have been very good to let us know about issues and situations that arise."

"Overall (my son) gets well cared for and my concerns are dealt with when I have questions about things pertaining to him. All the staff are very pleasant."
"Services provided to (daughter) have greatly improved her life. Thank you!"

Comments from Vocational and Day Program Service Providers..

"There is great communication when there are concerns. Overall supports are great! Great staff to work with; a joy to work with Mykkanens!"

“Communication is good; prompt and timely responses. All staff are wonderful; polite and courteous.”

“Mykkanens does a great job; always on top of medical concerns; helpful whenever I call with a question or concern of any kind."

“All staff are amazing to work with! They have such care and concern for the client.”

"Willing to work with this day program and problem solve; concerns are noted and communication is open all the time. Continue with doing a great job."

"Do an excellent job with (individual). She has grown so much and is given so many opportunities. She is very happy and healthy!"

"Employees are punctual with returning calls and listening to concerns regarding (individual). Staff seem to care about (individual) and seem to want her to have the best care possible."